Derek Ridgers/Selected Works

This is the first paper from BUNNEY, featuring selected works from classic London photographer Derek Ridgers.

From the mid seventies through to the late eighties Ridgers captured some of the most significant movements in British youth culture history, not through images of the major players and influencers but through portraits of individuals who made up those scenes.
Often nameless, always authentic, they are given a quality of attention traditionally reserved for celebrities; classic portraiture let loose on the unconventional and nonconformist inhabitants of outsider culture. They are people worthy of our attention in part because they are anything but celebrities
Through this body of work, Ridgers captures the potential of expression through style, the potential of individuals to communicate powerful statements using the body – clothes, hair, tattoos – as the medium. It’s a language that goes beyond fashion and beyond trend. It’s about appropriation and identity the inherent tension between conformity and freedom. What these images portray is a kind of individualism that many of us will find shocking and unsettling.

Produced by Rupert Smyth Studio and featuring an interview with Ridgers by Jason Jules, this paper will be available at selected Bunney outlets and others, soon.