A Bunney creation may look simple at first glance, but a closer examination will reveal details and ideas that are contemplative and intriguing, often in a playful and tender manner.

The London-based jewellery brand started in 2009 and has become known for its line of beguilingly beautiful products. Objects that look like what one may be used to are recast in a new light with precious materials, becoming starkly new yet, at the same time, with the warmth of the familiar.

Taking on the spirit of the city where it resides, Bunney embodies the insouciant attitude towards dressing so characteristic of Londoners. Bunney pieces encourage the wearer to consider and compose a variety of combinations on clothing and whatever take the wearer’s fancy.

Made in workshops around England, including the historic Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, each piece is hand-finished with care and attention before being hallmarked at the Goldsmiths’ Company, responsible since 1300 for testing the quality of gold and silver.