Snoopy Coin Bank

For Winter 2017, Bunney presented the Snoopy Coin Bank. Made from sterling silver, the coin bank is the result of close work with the Peanuts family.

We look to evermore increase the selection of unusual articles at Bunney; especially with regard to gifting, which we believe to be one of the most important aspects in working with precious metals. The prestige of rites of passage and special occasions have long been emphasised through the fine art of gift gifting. Important events in life like birth, marriage and coming of age events are given extra emphasis with carefully considered gifts. The tradition of gifting coin banks or money boxes to newborn children was particularly popular in the Victorian era and in revisiting this tradition we hope to give this custom new life.

The Snoopy Coin Bank was one of the largest commercial sterling silver piece produced by Bunney yet. Large scale items such as the Bunney Vespa have been previously produced, but outside of commissioned items, the Snoopy Coin Bank is the biggest item offered for general sale.

Each coin bank is handcrafted in the Birmingham workshops, with details added by a chaser and hand engraver, then finished to a high polish, before being hallmarked at the Assay Office.

As with many Bunney pieces, the hallmark is enlarged and prominent, forming an integral part of the design. A presentation box in the house colour of Bunney Grey is also made by hand, with Snoopy fitting snugly inside offering protection in transit.