Tulip Brooch

18ct Yellow Gold/18ct White Gold/Diamond/Ruby


Bunney, Eugene Whang and sacai are proud to announce their collaborative project, drawing inspiration from the historical phenomenon of Tulip Mania in 17th-century Netherlands.

The second piece in this collaboration is an 18ct Gold brooch featuring the iconic tulip motif meticulously adorned with 246 gemstones, including diamonds and rubies, set across both white and yellow gold. Referencing the opulent illustrations from the time of Tulip-Mania, this brooch can transition between formal and casual wear, adding a touch of elegance to an outfit.

Eugene Whang
An industrial designer based in San Francisco, California, made his mark during a storied tenure at Apple spanning over two decades. As a pivotal member of the company’s esteemed industrial design team, he played a key role in shaping some of the most iconic products of our time. Since departing, following the completion of the celebrated AirPods Max, he has channelled his unique expertise into collaborative endeavours with select companies and design studios. Eugene, affectionately known as Eug, is also a widely toured DJ and founder of Public Release Recordings, an independent record label and multidisciplinary creative platform.

18ct Yellow Gold/18ct White Gold
Diamonds/Rubies/Black Diamonds
Made in United Kingdom

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